Happy Pollinator Week: How Pollinators Fight Food Shortage, Malnutrition, and Global Warming.



Designing my style

It’s not always easy to create one’s own style. To create anything new takes more than inspiration, it takes patience and practice. I’ve been practicing figuring out what clothing I would like to wear for my own style, picking through pinterest, tumblr, instagram, anywhere there is inspiration to be found I’ve searched.

Mostly I want my style to reflect me and how I live, so it’s practical for my lifestyle. I take walks, bike ride everywhere, do a lot of painting, sewing, foraging, gardening, drinking tea, studying science, reading books, and singing and playing violin for fun. I’m a practical person, yet somehow I developed a love for lace, embroidery, and ruffles, maybe I just love the contrast between the delicate and luxurious with the dirty and down to earth.

So far these watercolor (and ink) paintings are what I’ve created, but I’ll keep working on understanding myself and how to express myself in my looks.



The artist and the herbalist, my creative and my knowledge driven sides~

DIY: I labeled my teas

I woke up with a lot of energy and decided it was time I labeled my teas. So I made personalized labels for the teas I have with little illustrations of the plants in the tea, and their names written with my favourite, super satisfying to write with, quill pen. The paper is a thick paper I use for painting on, cut with an exacto knife.